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Colorflow is an easy and addicting adult coloring book. It offers free rich content to keep you busy and happy coloring, including mandala, animal, floral, messages, nature, zodiac, etc. You can step back from the stress, release your inner creative genius, and color away the anxiety!

  • I can't tell you how much I adore this little game. The art is full of personality and charm. You can tell the people who made this little game really put a lot of love into it. The in game ads are placed just right and you don't even have to view them if you don't want to. I wish I could vote even higher! Good job. ★★★★★ - Shawn O.

  • This is such an incredible game, honestly I've been hooked to this game for days now and I don't plan to stop playing any time soon, I love that everything is obtainable via playing and even if there are some in game transactions you don't really need them to progress, loved the game. ★★★★★ - Jeze R.

  • Wonderful Game. This is probably one of the best free mobile games I've encountered. It's addictive and cute, and challenging enough to keep playing. I definitely recommend this game to others. ★★★★★ - Baylee P.

  • Downloaded this game this morning, and ive already finished it now at 9PM! I was addicted to it. I really love the art style, and game story, the pizza network was neat and having a rival made it interesting! I like how there were themed days, and special lingo that you had to catch on to. One customer asked for a 'pee and chee' another a ' wombo combo' I didnt even ask 'What?' Still got a great tip lol. Great job, very enjoyable. ★★★★★ - Rae V.