My Donut Shop

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My Donut ShopApple iTunes5.0

Play the most creative donut maker game now! Fully optimized for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with fun, awesome animations and a mini-game. Hours of fun! Download and start playing My Donut Shop today!

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My Donut Shop is FREE to play. Run your own donut shop and make awesome, realistic donuts!

  • Choose from three different donut types: original, jelly filled and long donuts.
  • Dozens of doughnut flavors and jelly fillings ranging from blueberry to strawberry.
  • Mix ingredients to make the dough.v
  • Rollout the dough and cut out doughnuts.
  • Fry your donuts, but don’t let them burn.
  • Fill up your jelly donuts but don’t make them explode.
  • Make your donut even yummier with 100s of glazes, icings, toppings, sprinkles and fun items! Make a cat donut!
  • Save, Share or Serve your donut creation.
  • … and much more!

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